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Hello everyone!

Yesterday afternoon I came home from Anime Midwest. I am able to write this after a night of good rest! It was a crazy weekend~ but I did have a lot of fun!


We got somewhat of a late start, but this didn’t hold us back too much. With this being my little brother’s first convention, I was worried about how he would react to seeing the big crowds for the first time, but he was very calm, though uncomfortable. We had to wait about an hour in line to pick up our pre-ordered and pre-paid badges due to a mix up with e-mail with resulted in us not having them sent in the mail. Still, the long line and the wait allowed my group to see a ton of really cool cosplayers who were also just arriving. Although we missed the first panel I wanted to go to, we were able to do a ton of shopping and meet a lot of really nice cosplayers. I even commissioned some art in the artist alley! I also got to meet Chuck Huber once again. The third time I have met him, his friendly and energetic disposition was like a shot of caffeine to me. I got to take pictures with him, as well as have him autograph some of my DVDs. Retiring late, we returned to our room in the Hyatt and ordered deep dish pizza, my favorite! Dressed as Kululu (Kururu) from Sgt. Frog (Keroro Gunsou), I had a pretty good day despite the hot and humid weather.


After getting up extra early this day, I was dressed as Seto Kaiba. After wondering around a little bit, as well as getting the few items I had debated buying the day before, my group and I explored the con and checked out everything we were able to. We seemed to get stopped every few minutes for photos, which was really cool! I sweat it must have been more than a few dozen people who stopped us. My brother spent the whole day in the game room and was able to enjoy the day. We eventually went to the Yu-Gi-Oh! photo shoot, which turned out to be a lot of fun! I hadn’t expected to meet so many nice cosplayers! After that we decided to wind down somewhat. After a somewhat rough night, we made it to the next day.


After yet another early morning, we packed up, cleaned up the hotel room, and packed the car. After checking out we headed out of Rosemont to Arlington Heights and to Mitsuwa Marketplace for lunch. I had udon with pork! It was super yummy (^w^). Taking my usual rounds in the grocery store and the book store there, we finally started the journey home (with a detour for ice cream!).

All in all, I think the con went very well. I have to compliment the staff on how they handled the long lines for badges. The lines actually moved rather quickly and the staff was very kind and attentive. Also gotta appreciate the free food, variety of activities, and the overall fun and easy set up at the con. Although there was some issues with scheduling for panels on Saturday night, there wasn't too much other than that I can complain about. Fun time!


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Hello everyone! Here is an update from me!

After getting through finals, I have finally been able to spend some time with my family. It has been a nice time! I didn't realized how much I missed them!

However, I have still been working. I have needed to help my mother go through boxes of things for a while (since we packed so quickly when we moved two years back) as well as handle things like dentist and doctor visits.

Thankfully, it hasn't been all business. I have been able to still work on cosplay. However, it is too early still to report if I'll have anything totally new for the next convention. The next convention I'll be attending is Anime Midwest, which is now less than a month away. Where has the time gone?!

I'm pretty sure I have the line-up of what cosplay I want to bring to Midwest figured out. But in the meantime I still work on others! So far, the ones the furthest along are Rin (Free!) and Aoba (Dramatical Murder), but both have key pieces still missing.

Who else is going? (^o^)

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Hello everyone! Just checking in with a few things.

First off! I have been very busy with college the last few months. Sadly, taking so much literature at once has kept me busy (;w; ) But, there are only a few weeks left this semester so I will hopefully have more time soon. This fall I've signed up for some really fun classes so I hope to have a good time.

Unfortunately, since I've changed colleges, I have had even less time to work on cosplay. All the work I have been doing cosplay wise has been more maintenance than anything, so sadly nothing new is finished for now. I will keep working though! I have added onto my cosplay for Aoba from Dramatical Murder and Rin from Free! and I hope to get more work done for a few others in the coming weeks.

As for the title of this journal; I'm very excited! It's not news that there will be a new Yu-Gi-Oh! movie, but now it's easy to count the days until it's Japanese theatrical release. I wish I was there to see it!

Another reason for excitement is that my favorite voice actor is coming to a convention near my home! I thought I would only get to see Eric Stuart once, but now I get to see him again at a con this fall! I did e-mail the convention a couple of times to suggest him as a guest, but I never thought they would actually get him! I can't wait for Ramen Con this year ^o^

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A lot has happened to me over the past year. I could go on and on but I'll skip to the highlights;
I moved out of my home of fifteen years and in with my grandmother.
My parents divorced.
I changed colleges for the second time.
I moved into an apartment with my best friend.
I have had to make a lot of changes emotionally and mentally to cope with the major changes in my life.
I have made two new friends.
I had some of the best convention experiences of my life.
I didn't do as much art as I had wanted.
I made the cosplay of my dreams.
I lost my cat, Angel, of twelve (nearly thirteen) years to an infection.
I am learning what it really means to be an adult
I have learned a lot about myself and what I need to work on to improve me (and not just my grades).

Thanks so much to everyone and their kind words to me over this past year! I hope to share more fun things in the year to come. Until then, I'll do my best to grow and change for the better, as best I can, and at a pace that works for me.

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On the evening of August 29th 2015, the night of the full moon, my Angel passed away in her sleep after a battle with severe infection in her blood. I am devastated beyond words...beyond anything I have ever felt. I brought her home when I was nine years old, raised her well with love, and made wonderful memories. Now, at almost twenty-two, it's hard for me to imagine life without Angel. The life I'm living now seems unreal.
Thank you Angel. You were sweet, quiet, and loving to a lonely girl. After transferring to a new school I found myself alone, depressed, and unable to tell time or subtract, despite being in elementary school. Knowing you gave me confidence; you gave me a reason to try. My inspiration to learn, to get tutoring, to get better, and to be responsible. I wanted to be worthy of your love and kindness, and so I worked hard. Now, after years on honor roll and many other high academic achievements, I can say I'm a far cry from the person I once was. And you helped kick start that. You taught me responsibility, patience, courage, and so much more. Thank you my Angel baby. I will always love you.
My Angel Kitty by Marikokitty
I know everyone is doing this, but I figured 'why not?'.

1.) I have been on DA for about five years.
2.) My user name is a combination of my middle name and one of my favorite animals.
3.) I would say I am emotional, passionate, and loyal.
4.) Right handed.
5.) My first deviation was a picture of my Hetalia Axis Powers OC.
6.) I love to draw, but lately I have found costumery to be very rewarding.
7.) I want to master digital art!
8.) My first favorite was of a Hetalia fan comic.
9.) I tend to favorite lots of digital art.
10.) Wow this is a difficult question! I love so many.
11.) I would want to meet some of my fellow cosplayers~
12.) Some of the artists I follow have been real inspirations to me (but I would rather not get into detail).
13.) My camera ^o^
14.) I would have to say that being in almost a cafe setting is best for me to be creative.
15.) My favorite memory would have to be when I found that many people on this site were actually very kind.


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Hello everyone~

Those of my watchers who have been watching me for a while know that I had a less than stellar experience my first time going to Anime Midwest. After that, I decided to take a break from it and let the convention staff and organizers iron out there problems. My plan was to wait at least three years, which I figured would be more than enough time for the con to work things out and make things better. However, that plan changed when I heard that my favorite voice actor Eric Stuart was going to be there. The moment I learned that I knew I had to go. So without further ado- Anime Midwest, Round 2!


Prologue to the Convention

In the months leading up to the convention I had to ready two new cosplay. One of them was relatively easy to do, while the other was unlike anything I had ever done before. The first one was for a group cosplay I was doing with my friends; we decided to do a Five Nights at Freddy’s group cosplay. I was to be the titular Freddy Fazbear, with Ace as Foxy, foRev foreverhauntingme.deviantart.c… as Chica, and Britt as Bonnie. When it came to making my cosplay for Freddy I had a pretty easy time. I used parts of a three piece suit I already owned, a bow tie, a microphone I got at Party City, and a wig I already had. The hard part was the ears which I made with cardboard, felt, hot glue, and hair clips. All in all, a fun cosplay that let me take some fun group shots with my friends~

My second cosplay, which took me months to finish, was my dream cosplay; Seto Kaiba. It’s very hard to explain what Kaiba means to me personally, and I won’t bore you with the details here, but I was determined to do him justice with my cosplay. After ordering a wig, contact lenses, and spending more than I would have liked on materials, I got to work on him. The hardest part by far was the legendary jacket, which seems to have been designed with the Blue Eyes White Dragon in mind. In making the jacket, I found that the patterns available at the fabric store and online were insufficient, so working with my mom and grandmother we designed out own pattern. Granted, this is easier said than done. We ended up working on the pattern piece by piece, figuring out what worked through much trial and error. Finally, after weeks, we were able to finalize a pattern and create a prototype. After that success came the daunting task of making the real thing. To make it I used white denim, red polyester lining, various widths of interfacing, and lots of hard work. After almost three weeks of working on it on and off and changing things here and there (lots of re-sewing and seam ripping) until finally it was ready to be embellished. Trying it on for the first time and seeing how it looked was an amazing feeling! Especially since I had it done in time for the con.

Now! Onto the con itself!



On Friday we drove up to Rosemont to our hotel. This year, for the first time, we were actually able to stay in the hotel that was hosting the convention, the Hyatt Regency, which is next to the Donald A. Stephens Convention Center. It was my first time there, so I wondering around the floors and rode up and down in the elevator like a noob! On Friday I wore my newest cosplay, Seto Kaiba, in anticipation of seeing his voice actor in a panel later that day. My friends and I got our shopping done first and then wondered the con. In my wondering I discovered Chuck Huber's table, and I was more than happy to see him again. He is such a charming man! Then, I noticed him. The real him for the first time. Down the way at another table was Eric Stuart. I looked over at him like a creeper a couple times before he noticed me and pointed me out, beckoning me over. He was very impressed with my cosplay. He said that it looked great and even had me turn around so he could check out the whole thing, and complemented all the detail I had put into it. For me, those words were enough to make the hours upon hours of work worth it (;////;) That complement, coming from a man that must have seen millions of Kaiba cosplayers over the years, means more than any prize or any recognition from any judge. To me, that was the ultimate victory. I felt like I saw walking on air after that, and nothing could have ruined my day at that point. After that I attended one of his panels and ordered pizzas for my friends and I. It really was an amazing day!


foRev had a panel and I ended up going to most of it. After that Eric Stuart had a live acoustic concert and then Chuck Huber had a panel. All in all, good stuff happened one right after the other that day. Saturday had a ton of energy and my friends and I got some good pictures. We were dressed up as our group cosplay that day and met a ton of people who thought our outfits were super cute (^o^) I ended the day by going to yet another one of Eric’s panels on the voice acting career, which was very informative and interesting.


This was a short day for us. My friends, sister and I were dressed up as members of the platoon from Sgt. Frog, which is an older cosplay of mine but always a fun one. We got out last minute shopping at the convention done before going to the Mitsuwa Marketplace in Arlington Heights, which is just a few minutes away in the heart of the Japanese community in Chicago. After eating lunch there and buying a few things we needed grocery wise, we finally made the long trip back home.


All in all this was a very weird convention for me. It was nowhere near as crowded or claustrophobic feeling as I was used to, but it also was much less chaotic. This was due in part to the fact that I was, for the first time since my very first convention in 2011, I was NOT in panel. This was also unique because my mother joined my friends and I and got to experience an anime convention for the first time. She had a great time and got a super cute necklace in the artist alley (^o^)/. My experience this year at Anime Midwest was totally different than the one I had in 2013. I had a really good time this year and I’m so glad I went!


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Hello everyone! How are things?

As compared to my last journal, I have some rather positive news on my end. I have just come back from a week in NYC area. It was much fun! And I saw so much (^o^) and it has done wonders for me creativity wise. I was feeling such a creative block before, but relaxation and a change of scenery has done a lot to remedy that. I'm so happy for that~ I have also regained more motivation for work and school, which is always a blessing.

Today is also my mother and brother's birthday! He is her favorite birthday present (xD) which is funny to me because he is so irritating! (Who would want /him/ for a gift?)

Also! I am fangirling like no other~ upon coming back to my normal online activity, which I haven't had time for lately, I have discovered some AMAZING stuff! First off: my dream has come true~ Critias is FINALLY going to be a real game card, as seen here…
I want to hug him so much!!

Second~ there are some teasing images in for the new Yu-Gi-Oh! movie! I am so excited for it~ here is a link for that…

Let's keep the good feelings going ^o^ at least, for now

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Hi everyone...

Sorry for the sad journal, but I need to
Things have been very busy and rough on my end. I'm getting ready to move, I'm working a job I hate, I am still in college, and having personal issues on top of that. I'm not doing very well mentally and am considering many changes. Change doesn't come easy for me, but I don't have a choice. Life is very hard for me at the moment. I hope things can brighten up in time.

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Hello everyone! From my time in the US, Merry Christmas to everyone!

I am spending time with my grandparents for today and having dinner with them. It's relaxing. I hope everyone is having a nice day as well~

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Hello everyone!

Today, my sister and I went to see the movie Big Hero 6 at the local theater. I was skeptical, but I did some research about the background of the film and found it to be rather interesting. The film itself was a blast! I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did~ I'm so happy I got to see it! Now I just need to get a cute plush toy of Hiro's cat, Mochi, and I will be set ^o^

For those of you who don't know about the film here are some trailers



That's all for now~
Happy Halloween everyone!

This past weekend I had my birthday. I was able to see some friends, eat yummy food, and have a good time ^o^ I also got a lot of cool gifts, including a really cool Seto Kaiba wall scroll. The weather that day was perfect~ and we carved Jack-O-Lanterns. Lots of fun~

In contrast, Halloween has been very different. The power at my house was out for many hours, it rained, hailed, and even snowed! Even now it's raining little ice crystals...There have been next to no trick or treaters and now my house is very cold! I wasn't even able to light my Jack-O-Lantern. Oh well xD at least we are safe!

I hope everyone has a great Halloween ^o^

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Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well ^o^

I just realized it's been over a month since my last entry (oops!) and thought I would give everyone a sign of life from my end.

In the last month I have been working hard at my part-time job and at college. So far I have made the Dean's List, so I am very happy and have been doing a lot of homework xD; I also went to Ramen Con~ I was in two panels, the Ouran High School Host Club panel on Friday and the Hetalia panel on Saturday. I also got J Michel Tatum's autograph! He is such a nice man~

Now I am eagerly awaiting my favorite month; October~ Not only is it my birth month and home to my favorite holiday, but I just love fall~ Though fall starts in September, the trees don't really start to tun until later, and I love the colors of red and orange~

Now...back to work!

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Hello everyone~ How are things?

I have been very busy with my part-time job as well as keeping up with my studies so that I can be ready for school. I am starting school next week (my third year in college!) and I am both excited and nervous. I really hope I have good teachers and that I am able to hit the ground running. It's always a little hard to get used to the change from summer to school life, I think.

I have also been trying to get things ready for Ramen Con, which is coming up in September. All I can do is get done what I can and then focus on school before anything else. Wish me luck! And good luck to everyone else starting school in the next week or so.


P.S. I am loving the new seasons of Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) and Free! as well as the anime for Love Stage!! ^o^
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Hi everyone! DA user :BoiledHard: is going a Pokemon Giveaway in honor of the new games coming out this fall. Check it out!…
Hi there everyone~ I am entering a giveaway for shiny Pokemon. Here is the info~

is giving away several shiny pokemon for free!! It's really easy to enter, just click this link ( ) to her journal and follow the instructions.She will be giving them away for several hours so don't be discouraged, GO AHEAD AND COMMENT!!! Make sure you follow the rules though! ;D

Thanks! And sorry to anyone who was annoyed by this journal

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Hello everyone! How goes life?

As for me, I am currently experiencing what some know as a convention hangover; the feeling after being at a convention that includes sadness, a need for continued excitement, aches and pains in the body, and exhaustion. I spent three days there and, lemmie tell yah, three days was all I could do (x.x). It's not as though I didn't have fun. Far from it! I had a blast! But I can only take insanity for so long before I physically need a break.

Let's start with Friday!
foreverhauntingme and I arrived at the hotel in Rosemont with two other people; a new friend Brit and my sister Michi. I was dressed as Ronald Knox from Black Biutler that day, and we spent most of it shopping. I figured it was best to shop then before things get sold out (and so much does on Saturday!), but after hours of walking around and taking pictures our group was ready to head back to the hotel for the night. We ordered a pizza, and turned in early so that we would be rested for the next day.

Okay, this was the crazy day. We got ready and went to McDonalds, which is across the street from the hotel we were staying at, to get coffee before heading to the con. Dressed as America from Hetalia that day, we took more pictures and met with some people before going to the afternoon photoshoot for Hetalia. I had fun at the photoshoot (^o^) It was cool to see so many local fans and so many cool cosplay. My group and I headed abck to the hotel to rest for a few hours after that before heading to the convention center for the eight p.m Hetalia panel, which foreverhauntingme was in. Two horus after that and at midnight the panel I was in started. I had such a fun time! I didn't expect it to go very well and I am so happy it did! By the time we go back to the hotel it was very early in the morning.

We walked through the artist alley and dealers area again to do last minute shopping and pictures. I was dressed as Kululu (otherwise known as Kururu) from Sgt Frog. My mom picked us up to take us home around noon and soon I was relaxed at home!

It feels really good to be back! I have blisteres on my feet, forgot more than a few important things at home, and spent waaaaay too much money. But I still had a lot of fun! I will post a few pictures from the con in the next week. And now..back to sleep....

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Hello everyone! How are things?

In my case, I am hard at work on my cosplay! I had my last college final today (though not my last one ever, sadly (>.>); I am going to school again in the fall). I feel a weight off of my shoulders now that the test is over! So now, full energy on Acen preparation! So far I have gone through all of my finished cosplay and done some mending, polishing, and cleaning. I just have unfinished projects to work on now, which is fine by me. I need to work hard! I am considering going to Indy Pop Con at the end of the month, but I’m not sure yet. Anyone going to Acen, don’t hesitate to say “hi” if you see me!


~Also! I have some excitement on my end! (If you don’t want to read, you don’t need to. I am just excited about some things~)~

When I was a kid, my cousins were always up to date on the latest technology. They always had the newest computers, and the newest games and consoles. As a child, I was just happy to go to my grandmother’s house to watch cable (I only have 9 channels at my house) so I was amazed when I got to see Game Boy handheld systems for the first time. My siblings and I got to borrow their Game Boy and two Game Boy Pockets for a time, since the Game Boy Advanced had just come out and they were more interested in playing with those. My siblings were given games to play; my sister Pokémon Yellow, and my brother and I Mario games, like Dr. Mario. Being that my sister is pretty much nocturnal and she and I shared a room, she would be up the whole night playing Pokémon Yellow. And since having the light on kept me up, I spent more than a few nights awake and looking over her shoulder as she played. Finally, after giving my cousins back their games, about a year later the Game Boy Advanced SP was released. Seeing as how my siblings and I loved the original Game Boys so much, my mom splurged and bought each of us a Game Boy Advanced SP and one game. For me, the choice of that one game was one I didn’t need to think about; I wanted Pokémon Sapphire Version.

Now for me this was a big deal; all my life I had to share with my siblings. Everything I had was a hand-me-down or borrowed. I even had to share my room! But now I had something that was mine, something that I didn’t have to share. My Game Boy and my game. And, I gotta say, I loved it! Now I was the one up the whole night with the light on. Now I was the one who chose what Pokémon to use in each battle. Now I had a journey, an experience, and a whole world to call my own. A lot of people who play Pokémon call one game or one region their /home/ for one reason or another, be it that it was their first or the one they enjoyed the most. I can say without a doubt that Hoenn region is /my/ home. No matter what anyone says, it is my home. From my secret base off of Route 110, to the vast blue sea; I love it. For me, it didn’t matter if there was a remake of Ruby and Sapphire or not. For me, to this day, my adventure there still continues. (I could tell so many stories of trial and error xD SO many)

Today, there was great excitement; Hoenn Remake CONFIRMED! Official, no April Fools, Ruby and Sapphire will be out just after my birthday. And I’m not gunna lie, I’m ecstatic! I still love my old game, but I am really looking forward to this new one as well. I hope so see many familiar things in it, and rediscover the feelings I had as a child. I feel so…nostalgic about it. I can’t wait! (^o^)

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Hello everyone~ How goes things?

On my end I am trying hard to get things ready for Acen (x.x) I have sorted out my cosplay and have them cleaned up and prepared for the con. All I have to do is pack them up and I'm good to go! The only real issue is that my make up bag is missing (>.>); I have been trying to find it for days and I still haven't come up with it. I hope I can find it soon...

On another note I finally got a Shiny Skitty in my Pokemon Y game! I hatched it with the Matsuda Method ^o^ It only took 22 eggs, which it much less than I thought it would take. She is so cute! And I still can't decide on a name.

Only one more school project left to go! After this, I have a few tests and then summer begins for me! I just hope I can get a summer job so that I can pay for my books in the fall.

Well~ back to work!

Hello everyone! Just making a journal here about a giveaway that DA user Sekaryu is doing. It's a giveaway for points and a Shiny Eevee. I don't often enter into things like this (I think I have done this maybe once or twice?) buuuut I figured I might as well give it a try xD Try my luck, right? Here is the info about it if any of my watchers here are interested…

On another note, how was everyone's Easter? If you're like me then you used it as an excuse to eat a ton of chocolate xD

The weather on my end is really warming up nicely, and I hope to do some photos in my cosplay to put up here ^o^ As most of you probably know I will be attending Acen this year. I hope to see a lot of cool cosplay and meet a lot of nice people.

But school is not over yet...until then! I must study

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